Month: May 2017

Worldwide ransomware attack brings NHS services to a standstill

nhs ransomware attack

The NHS has suffered as a result of a “large-scale hack” across the globe that hit some 99 countries in total.

The malware message is demanding ransoms from hospitals! A message appearing on hospital screens says that doctors will need to cough up if they want to save their files. The big issue here is that this causes a wider problem for patients across the country as hospitals are forced to use their ‘back-up’ plans, and services are being seriously reduced.

Real people’s lives are in danger here.
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Unnecessary and incorrect operations as a result of clinical negligence

Misdiagnosis and false diagnosis from healthcare professionals can lead to unnecessary and incorrect operations.

There are many reports of doctors not referring patients to the correct departments for the correct treatment, or referring patients onto a department whereby operations are undertaken incorrectly.

Undertaking unnecessary and incorrect operations can be traumatic and life changing, to say the least. The consequences of clinical negligence can be long-lasting and can necessitate further operations. Many operations can lead to unnecessary scarring at the very least, which can also be factored into a clinical negligence claim.
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