Month: January 2017

Multiple medical errors at the Calderdale and Huddersfield Foundation Trust

nhs trusts medical errors report

Both Calderdale Royal Hospital and Huddersfield Royal Infirmary have come under fire recently due to multiple failings found within the Trusts.

One such incident was a clear and serious error when staff at Calderdale Hospital undertook an intimate examination of the wrong patient between July and September 2016.

We all know the NHS has a tough job in tough conditions, but there are some things that are clearly preventable.
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Sepsis compensation claims advice

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Sepsis – also known as blood poisoning – is a potentially life threatening condition that can be triggered by an infection where the body works overtime in order to fight it. By working overtime, the body can reduce the amount of blood flow that it sends to the vital organs, which can eventually cause them to shut down.

This can lead to multiple organ failure, or even death.

For those reasons, sepsis needs to be caught early to prevent it developing to the point where the body begins to shut down organs or ultimately kill someone. In cases where medical staff have failed to do this, patients may be able to claim compensation for medical negligence.
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GPs and hospitals are unnecessarily prescribing antibiotics


A recent survey shows that antibiotics and narcotics are often over-prescribed, with some experts worldwide suggesting that they’re frequently prescribed when they’re not necessary, and may actually do more harm than good.

The survey revealed that patients use antibiotics or narcotics despite guidelines showing little effectiveness of taking them. There is rising concern in the U.K. that the NHS are providing patients with services and products that aren’t needed, which is concerning from both a health and a cost perspective.
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