Month: October 2016

Medical negligence compensation claims for prescription errors


GP’s and pharmacists can easily make mistakes when it comes to prescribing medication. As scary as that may sound, it’s true! We have represented people for prescription errors for years.

There can be a number of reasons why mistakes happen when prescribing medication. Although some people may have a minor prescription error and not have severe side effects, there are those who do suffer serious complications.

If a person has been prescribed the incorrect medication, and has suffered adverse side effects, then they may be entitled to compensation if it was due to medical negligence.
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Inadequate safety at Hull mental health services

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Mental health services in Hull and East Riding have been deemed as inadequate, investigations have revealed.

England’s health regulator has disclosed that patients have been waiting too long for help; senior managers are chaotic and nurses are pushed to the limit because of severe staff shortages.

The Care Quality Commission rated the Trust as inadequate at providing safe services.
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GP Negligence – know your rights!

When we are feeling ill or have a medical concern, our first point of call is normally our GP in order to ease our worries and remedy any illness we have with medication or referrals. As our GP is a person who we trust to help us, we generally expect them to always get it right.

However, doctors are only human; which means that, sometimes, GP’s get it wrong, which is commonly known as medical negligence.

We expect a certain standard of care from our GP’s, but if they fail to meet this standard, it can have serious life altering consequences for patients.
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